The Biological and Medical Science projects (ESFRI BMS) on the ESFRI roadmap meet regularly to discuss common issues. The ESFRI BMS group is in close contact with the ESFRI Health and Food Strategic Working Group (SWG). This is a group of experts appointed by ESFRI to monitor the scientific requirements and needs for RIs in their respective scientific areas, to follow the implementation of the projects on the ESFRI roadmap and to evaluate proposals for ESFRI roadmap updates.

The ESFRI BMS infrastructure initiatives published several common position papers on policy issues, aiming to inform national and European policy makers about the relevance of the BMS RIs for building the European Research Area. In addition, the ESFRI BMS projects join their efforts to build data and service bridges among them in the BioMedBridges project, and work together with the European pharmaceutical industry to improve European medicines training and education in the EMTRAIN project.


Currently 13 BMS projects are published on the ESFRI roadmap:

On the ESFRI roadmap since 2006

European Bio-Banking and Molecular Resources (BBMRI)
European Advanced Translational Research Infrastructure for Medicine (EATRIS)
Network of Distributed Infrastructure for Clinical Trials (ECRIN)
European Bio-informatics Infrastructure (ELIXIR)
European Integrated Structural Biology Infrastructure (INSTRUCT) 


On the ESFRI roadmap since 2008

European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC)
European Research Infrastructure on Highly Pathogenic Agents (ERINHA)
European Infrastructure of Open Screening Platform for Chemical Biology (EU–OPENSCREEN)
European Biomedical Imaging Infrastructure (EUROBioImaging)


On the ESFRI roadmap since 2010

Infrastructure for Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems (ANAEE)
Infrastructure for System Biology-Europe (ISBE)
Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure (MIRRI)