InfraCoMP is an EC FP7- funded project, which provides an effective coordination mechanism for the cooperation of Infrafrontier ( and the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) . In this context, InfraCoMP is organized in 4 topics:

  • Topic 1 Mouse Phenotyping
  • Topic 2 Mouse Production, Archiving and Distribution
  • Topic 3 Access to Phenotyping Data
  • Topic 4 Community Engagement


InfraCoMP started in October 2011 and will be concluded in September 2014. During this time frame five workshops will be organized both in Europe and in an overseas location. These workshops will address central issues that have to be resolved to minimise redundancies, maximise mutual benefits and leverage the expertise and the infrastructure capacity of Infrafrontier and the IMPC.


The public start of InfraCoMP took place in November 2011, attracting international attention in a Kick-Off meeting, with over 80 participants, representing 14 nations from 4 continents.
Up to this date, a series of thematic workshops took place in:

  • April 2012, London, UK - "InfraCoMP Workshop on IMPC Embryonic Lethal Screening", with the objective of agreeing in a consensus strategy for embryonic phenotyping.
  • September 2012, Jeju, Korea - "Infrafrontier/IMPC Korea meeting" with the objective of showcasing Asia's important position in the global effort to functionally annotate the entire mammalian genome and provide information on the activities of mouse phenotyping in Asia and its integration with both Infrafrontier and IMPC efforts.

The results of the workshops are documented in meeting reports and publicised in different communications means.


InfraCoMP will address the specific requirements of an international cooperation of Infrafrontier and IMPC. A successful cooperation between Infrafrontier and the IMPC, catalysed by InfraCoMP, will move forward the entire research field of mouse models for human diseases.


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