Recommended Videos from our Network

In Europe as well as in the global research arena, INFRAFRONTIER participates in many projects and is involved in numerous international partnerships. These partner organisations have generated a number of highly informative animated movies and video interviews - on the subject of mouse phenogenomics as well as on how to cooperate with European Research Infrastructures.

Here, we present a selection of the most interesting partner videos. This list will be supplemented continually over the next months and years.


European Life Science Research Infrastructures

Find out more about LS RI here!

COVID-19: Life Science Research Infrastructures Help Target the Pandemic 

In the fight against the SARS-CoV2 virus, nine LS-RIs provide access to high-end facilities and research services – from human samples to mouse models, from imaging technologies to data analysis.

Shared Use of Technologies for Scientific Excellence

Pioneering technologies are currently transforming research in the life sciences. An easy access to high-end technologies and services is essential for every scientist. European Life Science Research Infrastructures (LS-RI) were established to grant this access and to successfully translate lab findings into future medical care.

 Producer:  CORBEL / LS-RI    July 2020    Duration: 3:33 min

 Producer:  CORBEL / LS RI    June 2020    Duration: 2:59 min

Working with European Life Science Research Infrastructures

Do you have a promising project but missing technology, skills or data? Then we invite you to reach out to us, the Research Infrastructures in the Life Sciences! We are open to all scientists from academia and industry.



Finding Answers to Ethical, Legal and Societal Questions in Life Science Research - ELSI services

Effective Life Science Research requires the public's trust. Consequently, ethical, legal, and societal aspects are increasingly important to consider. Engaging with research partners, preparing content forms, communicating risks, and being legally and ethically sound are all challenges that face every researcher.

Find out more about BBMRI-ERIC:

Producer:  CORBEL / LS-RI    June 2020   Duration: 3:27 min

Producer: CORBEL / LS RI   September 2020   Duration: 2:59 min


IMPC Videos

Find out more about IMPC here!

What is IMPC?

The goal of the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) is to discover functional insight for every gene by generating and systematically phenotyping 20,000 knockout mouse strains.


Mouse Genes Could Help Decipher Human Disease

This study, published in Nature Genetics, reveals hundreds of new insights into gene function and human disease. The paper describes the analysis of 3,328 genes by the IMPC, representing approximately 15% of the mouse genome. 360 new disease models were identified.

Producer: IMPC    July 2016    Duration: 2:00 minProducer: IMPC    June 2017    Duration: 1:40 min

Estimating Probability of Phenotypically Detectable Protein Damage |Tao Wang

Dr. Tao Wang talks about his recent Nature Communications publication, in which he leverages the IMPC and Mutagenetix data to estimate the probability of phenotypically detectable protein damage predicted by various mutation effect prediction algorithms.

What Makes Us Unique? Exploring the Role of Genetics and Neural Function | Melanie Samuel

Melanie Samuel discusses her research in neural development and disease, and explains how she has used IMPC data.

Producer: IMPC    March 2018    Duration: 9:18 min

Producer: IMPC    March 2018    Duration: 4:48 min

Cytoplasmic Microinjection to Generate CRISPR Mediated Mutations | Brendan Doe 

Brendan Doe talks about his work in using Cytoplasmic Microinjection to generate CRISPR mediated mutations.

This method has recently been described by Brendan and colleagues in the journal of Methods and Protocols:

Essential Function of a Liver Gene in Fatty Liver and Obesity | Seung-Hoi Koo

Seung-Hoi Koo discusses his recent article in Nature Communications: Hepatic Crtc2 controls whole body energy metabolism via a miR-34a-Fgf21 axis

Link to article.


Producer: IMPC    April 2018    Duration: 7:12 min

Producer: IMPC   September 2018    Duration: 4:10 min