CORBEL Quality Management Exchange of Experience Workshop

18-19 June 2018, Mercure Hotel, Freising Germany

Aim of the Workshop

Quality Management enables organisations to deliver value by fullfilling the needs and expectations of relevant interested parties. Research infrastructures are user and service oriented organisations, hence quality management systems can help them to identify quality objectives and the processes and resources required to obtain them.

Many of the relatively new European-level research infrastructures in the area of biomedical, social and environmental sciences, but also in other research disciplines, are organised as distributed research infrastructures. This brings about specific requirements and challenges when it comes to implementing quality management systems.

At the CORBEL QM Exchange of Experience Workshop, we are going to explore how different distributed research infrastructures deal with those specific requirements in the implemention of their quality management systems. As an additional topic we will explore the relationship between quality management for infrastructure services on the one hand and for data services and research data on the other.

We invite people involved in implementing quality management systems in the hubs and nodes of the research infrastructures organised in CORBEL to participate.

Draft Agenda

The workshop will begin after lunch on 18 June 2018 and end on the following afternoon.

The schedule consists of three main plenary sessions:

  • The first session will highlight some of the quality management systems in distributed research infrastructures like INFRAFRONTIER, BBMRI ERIC and EGI.
  • The second session deals with the relationship of quality management and IT service and data management systems.
  • The third session will introduce the opportunities for quality management staff exchanges provided by the CORBEL and RItrain projects.

In addition, on the first day participants can attend one of the three parallel sessions on international standard development, updating to ISO 9001:2015 and self assesment versus external assessment. 

A detailed draft of the workshop programme can be found here.


We can accommodate up to 60 participants. To register, please select 'CORBEL QM Exchange of Experience Workshop' on our events page.