Cryopreservation protocols

All EMMA partners use validated protocols for mouse embryo and spermatozoa freezing techniques, in vitro fertilisation procedures and embryo transfers. However, the EMMA partners use different protocols that are optimized for their individual settings. EMMA distribution centres will provide to customers ordering frozen embryos or spermatozoa the centre specific validated thawing protocols. The protocols provided for download below are practiced in EMMA training courses at the MRC-MGU (Harwell) and are routinely used by the Harwell EMMA node.

Training videos

The Harwell node further provides a number of training videos that enable members of the scientific community to learn the skills and techniques that are used at the MRC. A series of short films that take you step-by-step through the process of freezing mouse embryos and sperm for use in IVF can be viewed at the MRC-Harwell website.



Innovative approaches to shipping mouse resources

EMMA partners have also developed and implemented innovative shipment protocols that facilitate fast and flexible exchange processes, reduce costs and provide alternatives to live animal transportation. Current SOPs for shipping refrigerated spermatozoa in Lifor to archiving centres, and SOPs for shipping refrigerated embryos and shipping frozen sperm on dry ice are listed below. 

Flyer - Shipping Refrigerated Epididymides

Flyer - Shipping Refrigerated Embryos