Recommended EMMA service fees

Cost for archiving

Transport of submitted mice to EMMA will be the responsibility of the depositor. No charge will be levied for archiving services (quarantine, SPF breeding, cryopreservation, test thawing, quality control, etc).

Cost for distribution

The recommended EMMA service fees for shipments of frozen embryos/sperm and live mice are €1600 and €3200, respectively. The €3200 fee covers the provision of up to 3 heterozygous mice. The recommended EMMA service fees are used solely to meet the animal husbandry and stock replacement costs, and to recuperate the costs for archiving. Customers must cover all the shipping costs (including the cost for returning dry-shippers, where applicable). For strains generated by use of the CRISPR technology, users also have to pay a license surcharge. 

EMMA tests mice for the pathogens that are specified on the FELASA list. If customers need additional tests, they will have to cover the cost for the extra tests. Click for more detailed information on EMMA's health monitoring procedures  and sample health reports.

As default, heterozygous material is being archived and distributed. EMMA does not generally offer breeding services to e.g. generate cohorts of homozygous mutants. However, such a service and fees may be negotiated with the respective EMMA distribution centre.

In general, service requests will not be processed until a fully executed Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) has been received (where applicable) and either a billing address or a purchase order number has been provided by the customer. In case of cancellations of service requests, EMMA reserves the right to charge customers for incurred costs. As EMMA is not a legal entity, the individual EMMA repositories will invoice customers separately.