FAQ - INFRAFRONTIER Research Infrastructure

What are the objectives of INFRAFRONTIER?

The main objective of the INFRAFRONTIER Research Infrastructure is to provide access to resources and services related to the generation, systemic phenotyping, archiving and distribution of mouse models for human diseases.

This includes access to a rich data set associated with the mouse models, which is provided either directly or by providing curated connections to data in related databases.

How is INFRAFRONTIER organised?

The INFRAFRONTIER Research Infrastructure consists of the INFRAFRONTIER GmbH, which acts as a pan-European coordination unit, and the National INFRAFRONTIER Partners.

The National INFRAFRONTIER Partners are mouse production centres, mouse clinics, archiving and distribution centres organised in EMMA - the European Mouse Mutant Archive, and the European Bioinformatics Institute. Partners from 15 European Member States and from Canada are represented.

Who are the users of INFRAFRONTIER?

The INFRAFRONTIER Research Infrastructure has a large scientific user community with expertise ranging from basic science to applied clinical research. Our resources and services are accessed mostly by users of academia and research institutions. The user community is not restricted to Europe, as indicated by the user statistics of the EMMA repository and of the European mouse clinics. Almost 50% of user requests come from outside Europe.

In 2012, the resources and services of the INFRAFRONTIER Research Infrastructure were accessed by more than 1000 users.

How can I access the services of INFRAFRONTIER?

This website is the main access point to all services of the INFRAFRONTIER Research Infrastructure. It contains detailed information on the resources and services, the procedures and the underlying protocols.

What is the access policy for INFRAFRONTIER?

General Access Policy

The INFRAFRONTIER Research Infrastructure provides OPEN ACCESS to its advertised resources and services. Service fees may apply, as is the case for the distribution of mouse material from EMMA - the European Mouse Mutant Archive.

Access to free of charge services is based on scientific excellence: all user requests are evaluated by an external Evaluation Committee. User requests must comply with national animal welfare regulations and must have undergone a positive review by the responsible ethical review committees.

Intellectual Property and Commercial Access

Generally, the intellectual property and the ownership of material remain with the depositor. The INFRAFRONTIER Legal Entity as well as the EMMA archive merely has a coordinating and brokering role, acting as intermediary between the national facilities operating the infrastructure or the owners of the mouse material, and the research community.

In the case of distribution of mouse material to non-commercial recipients, the distributor (a national EMMA node) requires the recipient’s acceptance of the legally binding EMMA conditions of use, which have been agreed upon by all partners of the EMMA network. In addition, the provider of the material can request the signing of a material transfer agreement (MTA).

In the case of distribution of mouse material to commercial recipients, the distributor requires the acceptance of the EMMA conditions of use and the signing of a specific MTA for commercial use by the provider and the recipient.

Commercial access to systemic phenotyping services is currently being directly managed by the National INFRAFRONTIER Partners.