Quality control

You can find below the standard quality control provided by INFRAFRONTIER/EMMA for community deposited strains and EUCOMM/KOMP-CSD mice. However, specific lines may be mantained at a slightly different quality control level.

The quality control level applied to each strain is explained in the automated confirmation e-mail sent to the users upon completion of their request online individually.

Strains deposited by individual scientists from the research community

INFRAFRONTIER/EMMA provides the following quality control for community deposited lines:

  • Viability test on cryopreserved material, according to the standard methods of the archiving centre.
  • Genotyping assay (where applicable and following protocol(s) provided by the mouse depositor) to identify carriers of the specific mutation(s) displayed on the EMMA strain list.
  • Health screening following FELASA recommendations and facility standard operating procedures. 

The following information is not verified by INFRAFRONTIER/EMMA.  It is displayed as received from the depositor and needs to be checked by the end user:

  • Validation of targeting strategy, vector design, integration etc.
  • Any other genotypic (e.g. targeted exons, copy numbers) or phenotypic data.
  • Breeding performance (although we might be able to provide data for some strains upon request).
  • Genetic background of the strain.


Please note that for EUCOMM and KOMP-CSD mice supplied to the scientific community by INFRAFRONTIER/EMMA:

1) We cannot guarantee a null mutation for Knock-out first alleles (tm1a alleles, see http://www.mousephenotype.org/about-ikmc/targeting-strategies) as the critical exon has not been deleted.
2) That the structure of the targeted mutation in the ES cells obtained from EUCOMM/KOMP to generate EUCOMM/KOMP mice is not verified by INFRAFRONTIER/EMMA. It is recommended that the recipient confirms the mutation structure.
3) No check for determining the copy number of the targeting construct in ES cells obtained from EUCOMM/KOMP is done by INFRAFRONTIER/EMMA.
4) The level of quality control before mice are released is to confirm the individual mouse genotype by short range PCR.