EUCOMM/KOMP-CSD allele conversion service

So far EMMA has archived over 3300 mouse strains generated using the EUCOMM/KOMP targeting strategies. For more information about these lines, please have a look at the following documents: allele overview, allele conversion guide and nomenclature for mutant alleles generated in ES cell lines by the IKMC.


Some mouse strains are only archived as knockout-first allele ('tm1a allele'), but if users are interested in another allele which is not cryopreserved at EMMA, some EMMA nodes offer allele conversion as a service. Please note that this service may take longer than the delivery times for the already cryopreserved alleles and users have to pay an additional fee.

Delivery times and service fees are available upon request using the links in the availabilities section in the EMMA strain search, as it can be seen in this screenshot:



In case these options are not available in the EMMA strain search, please contact

Converted alleles and the mutant strains carrying them are owned by the production EMMA node and will be archived at EMMA for distribution to the scientific community.