Strain ordering

EMMA strains are cryopreserved as frozen embryos and/or sperm. Highly demanded EMMA strains are maintained on shelf to facilitate fast delivery to the customers. For all other EMMA strains a rederivation service is provided. The kind of material that is in stock can be viewed on the list of available EMMA strains.

Kind of materialQuantityDelivery time 1EMMA service fee 2
Frozen embryos40-50 embryos4 weeks€1600
Frozen sperm 32 straws/vials4 weeks€1600
Live mice on shelfbreeding nucleus 44 weeks€3200
Rederivation of mice from frozen stockbreeding nucleus 44-6 months€3200

1) From the time when all paperwork is in place.
2) In addition customers have to cover all the shipping costs.
3) Only recommended for customers who have IVF capability.
4) A breeding nucleus is defined as up to 3 breeding pairs, with a breeding pair comprising a heterozygous mutant plus a wildtype mate of the appropriate genetic background (if required).

EMMA service fees

INFRAFRONTIER service charges have changed as of 01 August 2016. We honor previously quoted rates for registrations of interest (ROI) and projects with ongoing services initiated prior to 01 August 2016. Projects initiated after 01 August 2016 are quoted and billed with the new rates.

An adjustment of service charges was required as archiving of mouse mutant lines is no longer supported with EU project funds. As of 01 August 2016 INFRAFRONTIER charges €1600 for frozen material and €3200 for live mice. These service charges enable the INFRAFRONTIER partners to recover their costs and ensure that INFRAFRONTIER maintains a sustainable archiving and distribution service.

In addition to these EMMA service fees customers have to cover all the shipping costs (including the cost for returning dry-shippers, where applicable). In case of cancellations of service requests, EMMA reserves the right to charge customers for incurred costs. As EMMA is not a legal entity, the individual EMMA nodes will invoice customers separately.

Kind of material and delivery times

The default archival and distribution material is heterozygous material. Frozen material and live mice of strains that are maintained on shelf can be shipped within four weeks. Rederivation of mice from frozen stock usually takes four to six months. In general, service requests will not be processed until a fully executed MTA has been received (where applicable) and either a billing address or a purchase order number has been provided by the customer. Therefore please note that the delivery times given above represent the time period between the date when all paperwork is in place and the date of shipment.

The frozen material provided will be sufficient for two IVF or embryo transfer sessions. If live mice are ordered, EMMA will ship a breeding nucleus. In these circumstances a breeding nucleus is defined as up to 3 breeding pairs, with a breeding pair comprising a heterozygous mutant plus a wildtype mate of the appropriate genetic background (if required).

EMMA does not generally offer breeding services to e.g. generate cohorts of homozygous mutants. However, such a service and fees may be negotiated with the respective EMMA distribution centre.

EMMA screens and distributes mice in accordance with FELASA protocols and guarantees that mice leaving the EMMA institutions are free of pathogens as specified by FELASA.

How to order

Please visit the EMMA strain list, find your strain of interest, open the strain details by using the '+' toggle, then click the 'Order' button. EMMA will contact you within two weeks after receipt of your EMMA Mutant Request Form. For more information about the order process please check the FAQs section.

Strains under development

EMMA has newly submitted strains in various stages of preservation, development and colony establishment. These strains are not yet available for distribution or ordering and thus marked by a red traffic light symbol. However, you are invited to register your interest in any such strains by clicking on the EMMA strain list, finding your strain of interest, opening the strain details by using the '+' toggle, then clicking the 'Register interest' button.

Registrations of interest will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. This registration of interest is valuable in helping EMMA to anticipate demand and to optimise availability of strains. Customers will be notified as soon as the strain becomes available. They will receive an e-mail with a link to a pre-filled online form that they can use to submit their order.

EMMA strains produced from ES cells generated by the International Knockout Mouse Consortium (IKMC) are displayed on the EMMA strain list as soon as germ-line transmission has been achieved and the genotype of the pups has been confirmed. From this stage on scientists can register their interest for the mice on the EMMA strain list as described above.

Genes that have only been assigned for mouse production and phenotyping by the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) and for which mice have not been produced, yet, it is possible to register interest on the IMPC webpage.

ES cells and targeting vectors can be ordered directly from the IKMC repositories. The European Mouse Mutant Cell Repository (EuMMCR) holds and distributes vectors and mutant ES cell lines produced in the EUCOMM and EUCOMMTools consortia representing over 16.800 different genes.