General information

The European Mutant Mouse Archive (EMMA) welcomes submission of mutant mouse strains from all over the world, archives free of charge and facilitates global distribution.

Online submission

Please use the online submission form to submit your strains to EMMA. The submission form captures information on depositor and owner, mutation(s), phenotype, genetic background, literature references, strain characterization, scientific interest, intellectual property rights and some additional information that is needed for handling the mice. Receipt of the online submission form will be confirmed by an automatic email notification.


Mouse strains submitted for archiving are evaluated by EMMA's external Evaluation Committee. The committee is composed of experts in the field of mouse genetics. They evaluate each submission to the EMMA repository, thereby ensuring that the research community has access to valuable mouse mutant strains with significance for current and future genetic research. If the information provided through the online submission form is clear enough, EMMA will inform depositors about the outcome of the evaluation within 60 days.


The EMMA cryopreservation service is free of charge. However, customers have to cover the actual costs for shipping material to the EMMA facilities. Archiving slots are funded by INFRAFRONTIER-I3, a four year project that started in January 2013. INFRAFRONTIER-I3 is funded by the EC FP7 Capacities Specific Programme.

Requirements for cryopreservation

Once approval has been granted, depositors have to provide a health status report for the mice they want to send to EMMA. This report must be less than 3 months old.

Depositors are asked to send mice of breeding age to the EMMA node to which the mouse line has been assigned to for embryo or spermatozoa cryopreservation. By default lines are archived as heterozygotes and a minimum of 5 males is required. If a strain needs to be frozen down at homozygous state, a minimum of 5 males and 5 females is required. Provision of more mice than the specified minimum will accelerate the freezing process. Under normal circumstances it will take EMMA between 4 and 6 months to freeze down a heterozygous mutant strain once the archiving centre has received the animals. This time frame includes a rederivation control.

Intellectual property rights

Deposited lines are distributed under the legally binding EMMA conditions. EMMA only acts as distributor and any already existing Material Transfer Agreement will remain in full force and effect.

Official nomenclature

Depositors should be aware that to aid curation of archived strains, official nomenclature (including laboratory code) will be requested from Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) when required. All registered alleles etc. will remain reserved, but not public on the MGI website, until they appear in any publication, or the strain is made public on the INFRAFRONTIER website.