Delayed release

In order to encourage submission of valuable mouse strains while the submitting investigator awaits publication of the first paper describing the strain, the submission form includes an option to request a grace period of up to two years. If the strain is accepted with delayed release, EMMA will not list the strain on the INFRAFRONTIER website and the strain will not be available for distribution to other researchers during the delayed release period. This is the time between acceptance of the strain by EMMA and publication of the first paper or a period of up to a maximum of two years. During this 'grace period the assigned EMMA facility will import and cryopreserve the strain. The submitting investigator should notify EMMA of a pending or actual publication.

EMMA will list the strain on the EMMA strain list and make mice available as soon as feasible after the expiration of the grace period or sooner upon the donating investigator's approval.