The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) is a global effort to identify the function of every protein-coding gene in the mouse genome. IMPC uses different targeting strategies that have different and complementary properties to produce knockout alleles, e.g. ‘knockout-first’ allele and its derivatives, Velocigene null allele, CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mutant alleles.

The IMPC builds on and expands the collection generated in the International Knockout Mouse Consortium (IKMC), a scientific endeavour to produce a collection of mouse lines, each lacking a protein-coding gene, using a combination of gene trapping and gene targeting in C57BL/6 mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells. The IKMC included the following programs:

  • European Conditional Mouse Mutagenesis Program (EUCOMM) (Europe)
  • EUCOMM: Tools for Functional Annotation of the Mouse Genome (EUCOMMTOOLS) (Europe). This project produced a matched cre recombinase driver resource for C57BL/6N mice produced from conditional IKMC resources. More than 200 of these cre drivers are archived and available from EMMA.
  • Knockout Mouse Project (KOMP) (USA)
  • North American Conditional Mouse Mutagenesis Project (NorCOMM) (Canada)
  • Texas A&M Institute for Genomic Medicine (TIGM) (USA)

For more information about the ‘knockout-first’ allele and its derivatives, please refer to the following documents:

So far EMMA has archived over 4800 mouse strains generated from the IKMC and IMPC initiatives .

IKMC/IMPC Allele Conversion Service

Some mouse strains are only archived as knockout-first allele (‘tm1a allele’), but if users are interested in another allele which is not cryopreserved at EMMA, some EMMA nodes offer allele conversion as a service.

EUCOMM KO Models Available to Industry Users via genOway

A subset of the EUCOMM/EUCOMMTools resource is available to industry users via genOway.

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