STOCK Tg(CMV-rtTA)4Bjd Tg(tetO-LINE1*,-lacZ)#Ggs/Ieg


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International strain nameSTOCK Tg(CMV-rtTA)4Bjd Tg(tetO-LINE1*,-lacZ)#Ggs/Ieg
Alternative nameORFeus lacZ_CMVrtTA
Strain typeTransgenic Strains
Allele/Transgene symbolTg(CMV-rtTA)4Bjd,
Gene/Transgene symbolTg(CMV-rtTA)4Bjd

Information from provider

ProviderGerald Schumann
Provider affiliationMedical Biotechnology, Paul-Ehrlich-Institut
Genetic informationORFeus lacZ_CMVrTA is characterized by two transgenic cassettes. 1. In the ORFeus lacZ module, both lacZ expression cassette and a codon-optimized human LINE-1 (L1) retrotransposition reporter cassette, termed ORFeus, are set under transcriptional control of the bidirectional tetracycline (Tet)/doxycycline (Dox)-controlled Tet response Element (TRE) promoter. The ORFeus reporter cassette includes both open reading frames (ORFs) encoding the L1 protein machinery (ORF1, ORF2) and the GFP retrotransposition reporter gene which is disrupted by an intron. Bidirectional expression allows for verification of transcriptional activation of ORFeus via lacZ expression. 2. In the CMVrtTA module, these mice carry the gene encoding the reverse tetracycline-controlled transactivator protein (rtTA) under the control of a human cytomegalovirus early promoter (PhCMV). When mice are mated to the transgenic mouse line ORFeus lacZ in which the L1-ORFeus reporter element and the lacZ reporter gene are coupled to a bidirectional tetracycline-responsive promoter element (TRE), L1-ORFeus expression and lacZ reporter expression in the bicistronic offspring are induced simultaneously by treatment with doxycycline (dox) in organs and tissues where PhCMV. Is known to be active (i.e. muscle, kidney, thymus and pancreas). Little to no L1-ORFeus reporter and lacZ expression is induced in tissues where PhCMV is not active (i.e. brain, lung, liver and lymphocytes). Dox is administered in the animal water supply. NOTE: EMMA did sperm freezing of males that were homozygous for the ORFeus lacZ mutation and heterozygous for the CMVrtTA mutation. The recipient will need to breed the animals in order get the desired allele combination.
Phenotypic informationHomozygous:
No transgene-specific phenotype in homozygous animals observed or reported.

No transgene-specific phenotype in heterozygous animals observed or reported.
Breeding historyThe mouse line ORFeus-LacZ_CMVrtTA resulted from crossing ORFeus-LacZ (heterozygous for transgene) and STOCK Tg(CMV-rtTA)4Bjd/J (homozygous for transgene): - ORFeus-LacZ: was generated by pronuclear injection in C57BL/6; genetic background: C57BL/6. - STOCK Tg(CMV-rtTA)4Bjd/J: genetic background: Mixed NMRI (outbred), C57BL/6 and DBA/2 background; obtained from Jackson F1 animals of the ORFeus-LacZ line were strictly backcrossed with C57BL/6 for at least 10 generations, before they were crossed with STOCK Tg(CMV-rtTA)4Bjd/J mice. F1 animals resulting from crossing ORFeus-LacZ with STOCK Tg(CMV-rtTA)4Bjd/J mice were sib-mated for at least 17 generations.
ReferencesNone available
Homozygous fertileyes
Homozygous viableyes
Homozygous matings requiredno

Information from EMMA

Archiving centreHelmholtz Zentrum Muenchen - German Research Center for Environmental Health (GmbH), Oberschleißheim, Germany
Breeding at archiving centreNOTE: EMMA did sperm freezing of males which were homozygous for the Tg(tetO-LINE1*,-lacZ)#Ggs (or Tg(TRE-ORFeus,-lacZ)) transgene and heterozygous for the Tg(CMV-rtTA)4Bjd (or CMVrtTA) transgene. The recipient will need to breed the animals in order get the desired transgene combination.

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