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International strain nameStarD10-F10
Alternative nameStarD10-F10
Strain typeTransgenic Strains
Allele/Transgene symbolUnknown at present
Gene/Transgene symbolmouse StarD10

Information from provider

ProviderGuy Rutter
Provider affiliationMedicine, Imperial College London
Genetic informationInsertion of a coding cassette under the control of a bidirectional tetracycline-regulated promoter driving expression of both mouse Flag-StarD10 and firefly luciferase. Vector used for the subcloning of the transgene incorporated on this strain: pBI-L Vector PT3069-5 GenBank Accession No.:U89934 Catalog No. 631005
Phenotypic informationHomozygous:

Overexpression of the transgene when crossed with mouse expressing the reverse tetracycline transactivator and given doxycycline (possibility of a tissue specific overexpression). The transgene copy number for this line was evaluated by qPCR and estimated at 25 copies ([23.88 - 25.43], n = 14). The expression level in islets was measured by Western blot after induction by 2 g/L doxycycline in drinking water and estimated to be 120% of the control expression. In vivo phenotype: The animals were crossed with RIP7-rtTA mice allowing overexpression of the transgene specifically in pancreatic beta-cells. The doxycycline was added in drinking water (2 g/L) from 5 weeks of age and intra-peritoneal glucose tolerance tests (IPGTT, 1 g/kg glucose) were performed at 8, 12 and 16-week-old. The resulting line had no differences with control mice on chow diet. This line has not yet been tested on HFD.
Breeding historyFounder crossed with wild-type C57BL/6J to generate F1; F1 crossed with wild-type C57BL/6J to generate F2 to ensure the stability of the line (one site of insertion only).
ReferencesNone available
Homozygous fertilenot known
Homozygous viablenot known
Homozygous matings requiredno

Information from EMMA

Archiving centreMary Lyon Centre at MRC Harwell, Oxford, United Kingdom

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