INFRAFRONTIER / IMPC Epigenetics Workshop 2018

Date: 5thDecember 2018, in conjunction with INFRAFRONTIER / IMPC Stakeholder Workshop in Munich

 Duration: 1 day

 Number of participants: 50 

 Aim of the workshop:

The goal of this workshop is to bring together and strengthen interactions among mouse geneticists, epigenetic experts and IMPC members within the context of the IMPC framework. This will raise   awareness about the availability of INFRAFRONTIER and IMPC platforms and provide a great opportunity for the exposure of IMPC in the field of epigenetics. Specifically, the focus will be on the actual mechanism of epigenetic inheritance and on novel approaches to deepen our understanding of this research area. In addition, this workshop aims to bring together interested IMPC members to explore the possibility of empowering the IMPC phenotypic data for new discoveries in the field of epigenetics. 


The final agenda can be found here.