Mouse embryology - practical training course

15 - 17 October 2019          PHENOMIN-ICS          Strasbourg-Illkirch, France


This training is aimed at providing a theoretical and practical background knowledge destined to researchers and engineers that are willing to acquire primary expertise in mouse development.

The topics will cover dissection of post-implantated embryos, histology, whole mount Lac Z staining and confocal imaging of whole embryos.


Objectives of the course:
  • Acquire primary expertise in mouse development
  • Be able to design primary phenotyping experiment on mouse embryos
  • Learn about all the primary phenotyping analysis on mouse embryos
  • Be able to dissect post-implantated embryos
  • Be able to determine the window of lethality in utero
  • Be able to evaluate embryos viability at neonatal stage
  • Increase awareness of relevant techniques to image embryos


Details on Program and Registration:



The training is organized by PHENOMIN, the French National Infrastructure in Mouse Phenogenomics, in collaboration with CELPHEDIA Networks and Infrastructure.