genOway offers industry scientists immediate access to EUCOMM conditional KO mouse models

July 2, 2014

genOway guarantees freedom to operate (FTO) and offers important time gain in conditional knockout development time for industry scientists.

genOway, the biotechnology company dedicated to the development of genetically modified animal models, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (UK) and Helmholtz Zentrum München (Germany), members of the EUCOMM Program (European Conditional Mouse Mutagenesis Program) and its successor program EUCOMMTOOLS (EUCOMM: Tools for functional annotation of the mouse genome) announce today the signing of a license enabling genOway to provide industry scientists with conditional knockout (KO) models developed by EUCOMM. Financial terms were not disclosed. Industry operators will benefit from this highly valuable scientific resource for the first time:

  • EUCOMM/EUCOMMTOOLS provide access to their growing conditional KO repository with 9,500 models
  • genOway provides the necessary intellectual property rights to use these models, including the IRES or Homologous Recombination exclusive technologies
  • The agreement enables short timespans to access EUCOMM/EUCOMMTOOLS materials and generate conditional KO models from them

The industry will strongly benefit from this new genOway offer as its R&D saves months in obtaining conditional KO models and the necessary intellectual property rights at the same time.

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