PATHBIO Imaging mouse master class

4 - 8 November 2019          Strasbourg, France


The PATHBIO Imaging mouse master class consists of one of the three intensive courses from PATHBIO consortium. The course will take place in Strasbourg-Illkirch Phenomin-ICS, one of the French members of the INFRAFRONTIER consortium.

Therorical sessions:
  • Animal handling, ethics and regulation
  • Image Analysis (quantitative analysis, visualisation, 3D analysis,..)
  • X-rays and µCT imaging and MRI
  • Echography Heart / other tissue, Opto-acoustic imaging
  • Nuclear Imaging Spect-CT/PET and Bioluminescence
  • Specialized / new imaging, Optical imaging, Embryo (HREM /OPT)
Practical courses:
  • Two half-day sessions will be devoted to hands-on experience and demonstration for trainees


Details on Program and Registration:


PATHBIO is an EU-funded ERASMUS Knowledge Alliance for “Precision Pathobiology for Disease Models”. The program is supported by INFRAFRONTIER and IMPC.