Programming in R / Master the R/Tidyverse

10 to 11 March 2020          Czech Centre for Phenogenomics (CCP)          Prague-Vestec, Czech Republic


Master the R/Tidyverse is a two-day workshop focused on boosting your data analysis and visualization expertise. We will use R (, a free environment for statistical computing, and particularly its collection of packages Tidyverse (ggplot2, dplyr, tidyr, etc.).

We will cover all the skills needed in a typical research project: from reading your data into R, choosing a nice tidy data format, through data transformations, statistical modelling and cool visualizations, to communicating results in a reproducible report.

This two-day workshop will give you a thorough training in the family of R packages called Tidyverse. You will master publication-ready visualizations with ggplot2, data transformations and summarizing with dplyr and tidyr, working with dates, character strings, and untidy data formats, generating reproducible reports with R Markdown, reading data with fast readr functions and iterate through them with purrr package.


Target Group:

Beginners and intermediate users of R that just want to deepen their Tidyverse knowledge.

Never see R running? Don’t worry - but we recommend to study a bit in advance.

The course is highly inspired by the Garrett Grolemund’s course Master The Tidyverse. It is limited to 25 participants.


Details on Program and Registration:

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