The INFRAFRONTIER Research Infrastructure and its partners offer a wide range of state-of-the-art training opportunities: Mouse clinics in different European countries provide outstanding trainings in first-line mouse phenotyping as well as specialised phenotyping courses covering e.g. mouse osteology and mouse blood and lymphatic vessel phenotyping.

The INFRAFRONTIER courses cover unique training opportunities in mouse model development as well as hands on cryopreservation courses offered by EMMA partners for many years. 


Upcoming Courses 2019

Mouse embryo and sperm cryopreservation course23 - 26 SeptemberMRC HarwellHarwell, UK

model generation

cryo technology

Practical training course in transgenic technology - 1

8 - 10 OctoberMRC HarwellHarwell, UK

model generation

In vivo CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing9 - 10 OctoberPhenomin-ICSStrasbourg, FRmodel generation
Mouse embryology - practical training course15 - 17 OctoberPhenomin-ICSStrasbourg, FRrodent biology & genetics

Practical training course in transgenic technology - 2

29 - 31 OctoberMRC HarwellHarwell, UK

model generation

PATHBIO Imaging mouse master class

4 - 8 NovemberPATHBIOStrasbourg, FRrodent biology & genetics
Embryo electroporation - practical training course11 - 12 NovemberMRC HarwellHarwell, UKmodel generation


Past Courses 2019

Vienna Cryo & Embryo Transfer Course2 - 6 SeptemberVetMedUni Vienna
EMBO practical course: Mouse genome engineering25 Aug - 6 SeptemberCCP
PATHBIO Summer Course 2:  Mouse Histopathology26 - 30 AugustPATHBIO
PATHBIO Summer Course 1: Embryology, Anatomy, Histology, and the Anatomical Basis of Imaging15-26 JulyPATHBIO
10th Workshop on Innovative Mouse Models (IMM2019) 19 - 21 JuneNKI Netherlands Cancer Institute
 3rd European Advanced School for Mouse Phenogenomics20 - 24 May
 Phenomin-ICS, France
 Mouse Genetics and Phenotyping - post graduate course15 - 17 May
 MRC Harwell, UK
 Mouse IVF and embryo/sperm cryopreservation course25 - 28 March MRC Harwell, UK 
Technical training week25 - 28 March MRC Harwell, UK
Mouse genetics training week18 - 22 March MRC Harwell, UK
Mouse embryology: practical training course13 - 15 March Phenomin-ICS, France