Sustainability of Mouse Informatics Resources (SMIR) - INFRAFRONTIER Workshop at IMGC 2019

INFRAFRONTIER Satellite Workshop at IMGC 2019, Strasbourg


25 September 2019       09:00 - 12:00:   Workshop Talks

26 September 2019       17:15 - 18:15:   Panel Discussion
Venue:   IGBMC, 1 rue Laurent Fries, Parc d'Innovation, 67404 Strasbourg-Illkirch

Mouse informatics resources are valuable and essential tools in life sciences. For the global biomedical research community, the safe and continuous availablity of these resources is a necessary prerequisite for the further development of Precision Medicine.

The long-term sustainability of the existing tools is facing some challenges. How to advance them and make them `future-proof´, is a constant task for researchers and funders worldwide.

The INFRAFRONTIER workshop aims to openly discuss the status quo of international Mouse Informatics Resources and the strategic plans of major mouse data providers like IMSR, MGI, IMPC, RIKEN, EMMA, MMRRC etc. Experts from leading institutions in Europe, North America and Asia present their tools, approaches, and ideas for improvements like cloud storage, the use of artificial inteligence and ongoing international cooperation.



The workshop aims to discuss:

  • ... the strategic plans of the major international mouse data providers
  • ... the current challenges for the sustainability of mouse informatics resources
  • ... the funding opportunities for sustainability and a further added value to these resources
  • ... how to foster collaborative opportunities among the international mouse repositories
  • ... innovations concerning the access to mouse informatics resources, cloud data storage, the use of AI etc.


Speakers and Panelists:

  • Carol Bult             Jackson Laboratory, MGI
  • Sabine Fessele     INFRAFRONTIER Research Infrastructure
  • John Hancock      ELIXIR Research Infrastructure
  • Anne Kwitek         Rat Genome Database
  • Kent Lloyd            UC Davis, MMRRC
  • Terry Meehan        EMBL-EBI
  • Michael Raess      INFRAFRONTIER Research Infrastructure
  • Atsushi Yoshiki    RIKEN BioResource Research Center


Registration:  Registrations are closed. 

INFRAFRONTIER will reimburse the accommodation for registered attendants after the workshop for max. 3 nights (24th , 25th and 26th September).


Agenda:    You can find the final agenda here.

If you are interested, please register for the IMGC 2019 separately here. We highly recommend your participation in this international conference.



Please arrange your own accommodation for the duration of the workshop. Organizer´s recommendations for accommodation can be found here


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