Vienna Cryo & Embryo Transfer Course

2 - 6 September 2019          VetMedUni Vienna          Vienna, Austria


Advanced Training Course for Postgraduates and Technicians working in the field of animal research and in scientific experiments.

The aim of this course is to offer theoretical background information to students with hands-on  practical training of techniques required for successful assisted reproduction and Cryopreservation in laboratory mice. The course consists of a two parts: theory and a practical hands-on training component.

Basic knowledge of Felasa level B or experience in laboratory animal care / use is required for participation.

The maximum number of participants  is limited to 8 persons. If less than 6 participants register, the course might be postponed until further notice. 


Details on Program and Registration:


VetMedUni Vienna is organzing this course in cooperation with INFRAFRONTIER and the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA)